Research Scholarship

In order to stimulate student/faculty research at KSI, graduate school of computer science and management, KSI Research is pleased to announce the establishment of Student/Faculty Research Awards for the 2016 academic year, as well as subsequent years.  The details are as follows:

Each research award will be awarded to a pair of student and faculty advisor.  The student must be directed by the faculty advisor to complete the MS project.  The student will write a paper based upon the MS project and submit it to a conference. Once the student receives the acceptance letter from the conference, he or she can present the acceptance letter to KSI Research (e-mail: graduate student and the faculty advisor will each receive a cash award of $500 (five hundred dollars). Furthermore, KSI Research will pay for the registration fee for the student to get the accepted paper included in the conference's technical program and published in the conference proceedings.  When published, the paper should in its acknowledgement explicitly acknowledge the support from KSI Research.

KSI graduate student and faculty pair can apply for such student/faculty research award at any time, whenever their joint paper based upon student's MS research project is accepted by a conference. There is also no apriori restriction on the number of awards to be made each year.