The following periodicals are just a sample of the periodicals that can be found in the KSI Library. For each periodical, if available, a link to the journal’s web site is provided, where users can review the table of contents of specific issues or search for an article on a specific topic. Full text articles are available online for those journals as highlighted.

Title Volumes in Library

0736-6205 (Full-text articles)
Full-text articles available with free registration v.38(2) Feb/05-

International journal of computer processing of oriental languages 0219-4279 v.14(1) Mar/01-
International journal of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence

International journal of software engineering and knowledge engineering
(SEKE) 0218-1940 v.1 Mar/91-

International journal on artificial intelligence tools
Journal of bioinformatics and computational biology 0219-7200 v.1(1) Apr/03-
Journal of information science and engineering 1016-2364