MS Project Registration

Once a currently registered student of KSI passes his/her Comprehensive Examination and/or core course requirements, the student is ready to embark on the Master's Thesis Project, the independently conducted research project. Again, the applicant may register either in person by submitting a completed M.S. Thesis Project Registration Form or online.

Download MS Project Registration Form and other related forms:

MS Comprehansive Exam Form
MS Thesis Project Worksheet Form
- MS Thesis Project Thesis Advisor Form

To view MS thesis Project abstract examples, please go to Research & Arts > Research at KSI > MS Projects Archive.

For more detailed information regarding the M.S. Thesis Project, refer to section, 'Graduation', in the KSI Student Handbook. To view and/or download a PDF version of the KSI Student Handbook, select Student Handbook.

To view and/or download the M.S. Comprehensive Exam Form, the M.S. Thesis Project Worksheet Form, M.S. Thesis Project Abstract Examples as well as the Graduation Registration Form, select All Forms.