Whenever F-1 students wish to leave the United States temporarily and return to continue studies at the institution in which they are enrolled, they must secure the necessary documents to permit re-entry to the United States.

In order to reenter the United States after a temporary absence of 5 months or less, an F-1 student should have the following documents:

Travel Documents
ü  Valid Passport
ü  Valid F-1 Visa (if your visa is expiring be sure to renew it in your home country before re-entering the US)
ü  Form I-20 endorsed for travel by the P/DSO (second page signature)


Customs Border Protection also recommends that students have with them:

Custom Border Protection Documents
ü  Evidence of financial resources (Bank statements, deposit summaries, etc.)
ü  Evidence of student status (recent tuition receipts, current school’s transcripts)
ü  Name and contact information of the P/DSO


Click here to download the travel request form.