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Imad Al Saeed, D.CS  
Adjunct Professor

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Dr. Al Saeed graduated from Colorado Technical University with a Doctor of Computer Science in Emerging Media. He has advanced degrees and substantial experience and leadership in different fields within computer science, emerging media, information technology, and e-business, as well as long professional and teaching experience. His background includes a great level of professional activities in the field of Computer Science.


D.CS, Doctor of Computer Science – Emerging Media, Colorado Technical University, 2011

MBA, Master of Business Administration – Technology Management, Colorado Technical University 2014

Master of Science - Software Engineering, University of Technology, 2005

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Computer, University of Technology, 1997

Scheduled Teaching:

BA501 Management Information Systems
CIS370 Introduction to Computer Networks
CIS340 Operating Systems

Professional Development, Awards and Honors:

2012 & 2013 – Faculty of the month for undergraduate studies.

2014 – Excellent instructor and teaching style for Doctorate program.

2014 – You Rock award (twice) as an excellent mentor for Doctorate program.

Technical Certifications:

Certificate of Career and Technical Educator/Computer Operation and Programming – State of Illinois, August 2015

Certificate of IT Security - Colorado Technical University, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015

Certificate of Ethics - Colorado Technical University, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015

Certified IRB, 2014

Certificate of Concepts of professional Managers - Colorado Technical University, 2012

Certificate of IT and CS Faculty - Colorado Technical University, 2011

Certificate of proven Algorithm techniques for many-core processors - University of Illinois Chicago Aurora champing (UIUC), 2010

Certificate, Quality Assurance Program Auditor Training - Association of American Railroads (AAR), 2008

Certificate of dispatching rooms, AVTEC voice communication system, On-board Diagnostic, Office Server, MDM, and DDD Server installation - Wabtec Railway Electronic, 2006

Certificate of installing, testing, and maintenance of (Communication Base Train Control (CBTC) electronic equipment - Mafeks international LLC Company, 2006

Certificate of BCD - Barco Company, Belgium Europe, 2005

Certificate of programing and maintenance of professional radios and accessories GM160 Motorola communication device - Motorola Company, 2003

Professional Memberships and Affiliations:

STEM Developer Chicago Public Schools

Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Member of the IEEE

Member of Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)

Member of the Air Brake Association (ABA)

Member of the Railway Supply Institute


Books and Book Chapters

Al Saeed, I. A & Leach M. (2014) “Advanced HTML5 Responsive Web Design” Wynn Press. ISBN: 978-0-9842691-4-3

Al Saeed, I., Dawson, M., Wright, J., & Onyegbula, F. (2014) “Open Source Software to Enhance the STEM Learning Environment. Encyclopedia of Education and Technology” – accepted for publication and forthcoming

Al Saeed, I., & Dawson, M. E. (2012) “Use of Open Source Software and Virtualization in Academia to Enhance Higher Education Everywhere” Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education, 6, 283-313

Journals, Articles, and Proceedings

Al Saeed, I., & Dawson, M. (2013) “Virtual worlds for limited prototyping, testing, and training of health information technology systems

Al Saeed, I., & Dawson, M., Wright J., & Marwan, M. (2013) “Technology Enhanced Learning with Open Source Software for Scientists and Engineering”, Proceedings of INTED2013 Conference. Madrid, Spain, 5583-5589.

Al Saeed, I., & Dawson, M., & Wright, J. (2013) “Using Open Source Technologies in the Classroom to Assist with STEM Growth in Urban Schools”, Proceedings of the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy.

Al Saeed, I. (2013) “The Beauty of Technology: How Classrooms are Harnessing the Power of Emerging Media”, Colorado Technical University Blog

Al Saeed, I. (2013) “Diversity in Programming: Code Camps Provide Collaborative Learning Opportunities in Computer Programming Languages”, Colorado Technical University Blog

Al Saeed, I. (2012) “Modification of Graphic User Interface Common Controls Using MFC Library and Win32 API”, In Proceedings of Intellectbase Academic Conference Nashville, TN

Al Saeed, I. (2012) “Security and Privacy in Media Networking” In Proceedings of Intellectbase Academic Conference. Nashville, TN

Al Saeed, I., & Dawson, M. (2012) “Virtual Worlds to Model Training Scenarios Within Industry And Academia” Proceedings of the Intellectbase International Consortium

Al Saeed, I., Onyegbula, F., Dawson, M., & Stevens, J., (2012) “Bringing The Cloud from Outside And into The Classroom”, Proceedings of the Intellectbase International Consortium, 22, 375. San Antonio, TX.

Al Saeed, I. (2012) “Enabling Usability & Interaction within the Development of Health Information Technology Systems with Virtual Worlds”, In Proceedings of Global TIME 2012 (pp. 1-4), AACE. Retrieved from

Al Saeed, I. (2012) “Importance of Emerging Technologies in Society for Futuring & Innovation”, Journal of Intellectbase Academic. Volume 4. Issue 11. Atlanta, GA – USA. January, 2012.

Al Saeed, I. (2011) “Emerging Technologies as a Degree Option” Proceeding of Intellectbase Academic Conference Volume 18. Atlanta, GA – USA.

Al Saeed, I., & Rees, J. (2009) “Class 1 Brake Tests now automated using cell phone and internet”, Proceeding of the one hundredth Annual Convention and technical conference of the Air Brakes Association. Chicago, IL. Class 1 Brake Tests now automated using cell phone and internet. Reference: 49 CFR 232.205 – 232.217

Professional Presentations

Presented “Modern GUI common control.” for Dakota software code camp. Colorado technical University, Sioux Falls SD USA. November 10th, 2012

Presented “Modification of Graphic User Interface Common Controls Using MFC Library and Win32 API.” For Intellectbase Academic Conference Volume 23. Nashville, TN – USA. May, 2012

Presented “Security and Privacy in Media Networking.” for Intellectbase Academic Conference Volume 23. Nashville, TN – USA. May, 2012

Presented “VIRTUAL WORLDS TO MODEL TRAINING SCENARIOS WITHIN INDUSTRY AND ACADEMIA.” For Intellectbase Academic Conference Volume 23. Nashville, TN – USA. May, 2012

Presented “Enabling Usability & Interaction within the Development of Health Information Technology Systems with Virtual Worlds.” Global Time Conference on Technology, Innovation, Media & Education. February 2012



Teaching Philosophy

Educating university students cannot be achieved by using only the traditional ways of teaching, using text books, lectures, and rote learning as the bases for class projects. Educators must effectively enhance and improve the learning process.
My goal as an educator is to help my students succeed in their studies and to prepare them for their future careers by presenting them with realistic problems and effective and cost-efficient solutions to overcome these problems. In this way, students will become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

My objectives include but are not limited to the following:

Objective 1: Students will understand how the course content relates to the challenges they will encounter in their careers.
Objective 2: Students will know where they can find useful and valuable information, how to evaluate this information, and make correct decisions based on their knowledge and understanding.
Objective 3: Students will actively participate in the learning process.

First of all, to be a good mentor, an educator should get to know his/her students and treat each one of them as an individual. I would begin by learning my students’ names and obtaining pertinent information in order to personalize my relationship with them. It is important for an educator to have an understanding of the level of the students’ skills, their reasons for taking the class, their expectations about the class, their needs, and their career goals. To achieve my goal of assisting students in learning the content of a course, I would thoroughly prepare myself for each class period.
I would make sure to have excellent knowledge of the material, organize lesson content in a logical and consistent manner, and include information regarding how the material relates to society, organizations, and the students themselves.

In order to achieve the first objective, I would bring up current-event issues ask students to share their knowledge of the particular subject(s), and then discuss how their knowledge has been useful in relation to their own experience. I would want my students to have a great deal of input in regard to the course content, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by allowing them to work on independent research projects. This would also allow students to choose subject matter in which they are most interested.

In order to achieve the second objective, I would encourage students to use the university digital library and increase their library use skills. Also, I would develop annotated bibliography exercises to give students the opportunity to investigate topics in which they are interested, teach them how to locate and read primary journal articles, and challenge them to evaluate the information they find.

To ensure quality teaching, I shall remain open to change, re-examining the course content and implementing modifications as required to meet the objectives. The great reward of teaching will be the continual development of my teaching skills to improve the quality of education for others.

I enjoy interacting with faculty and students, and I am motivated and inspired by the innovation and creativity that goes on in higher education. My hope is to leave students with a positive impression of education, and the desire to continue learning, like myself. My goal is to foster a highly supportive and inclusive.

I look forward to being a member of a faculty that encourages innovative teaching.


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