Alumni Testimonial


KSI Student Profiles & Testimony

KSI has been fortunate enough to claim brilliant members of the computer science and related industries among it students and alumni. The following snapshots highlight some of the achievements and testimony of KSI's recent students and graduates. If you are a KSI student or alumni, please contact us through the alumni survey or the administration office so that we may include your story here.

Kaleemuddin Mohammed

Kaleemuddin is an outstanding graduate student enrolled in KSI's MS Degree Program. He was recently awarded a paid internship with Egen Solutions, a Naperville company, in which he will utilize his skills in Java and C++ development, database systems and software engineering. Kaleem says,

  I'd like to begin this letter by thanking you and your wonderful staff for the great educational experience I received while being a student at Knowledge System Institute (KSI). During my time at KSI, I learned a great deal about Information Technology and Software Development along with learning about Computer Networks. KSI offers a great environment conducive to learning, excellent staff, and a top notch facility to ensure the learning experience is to that of the real world. I commend you and your staff for providing superior service in getting me into an internship program. You will be happy to know that I have now been offered a position at my Job site. With this being only the beginning of my IT career, I am certain I took the best first step by attending KSI. My experience and satisfaction greatly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to further his or her education .If in the future I want to explore any IT program options, I will be sure to attend KSI.  

Javier Vazquez Navarrete

Javier Vasquez is a recent KSI Master of Science graduate. Javier was an excellent student who studied RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) with Java programming and completed an impressive thesis project utilizing RFID tags which resulted in Javier's getting a job in the transportation industry utilizing his RFID development skilss. Javier says,

  As a KSI student, I can say with confidence that KSI provides a great environment for international students. The students are very diverse culturally; faculty and staff are always approachable and willing to help students in anything from course material to career advice. I am highly impressed with the competence of the faculty and staff. KSI offered me the flexibility to study on campus or remotely online courses when I could not take courses on site. I feel that KSI prepared me for the challenges of the II industry. The program really helped me to get the basis and concepts to be prepared in the very competitive working environment. As an MS Degree student close to graduation I have achieved my objectives and I have many my prospects in the RFID technology. I would highly recommend KSI to any students seeking a better education in order to improve their position at their current workplace or if they wish to go into an entirely new field. Now begins a new challenge in my life and I will put into practice every thing that I learned in KSI during last two years and I can say that I am ready to enter the RFID industry here in United States.  

Hsuan Wei Peng

Mr. Peng is a recent KSI Master of Science graduate. Mr. Peng is a talented Java developer and completed an impressive MS Project related to KSI's chronobot inititiative. Hsuan says,

  I am very happy to have had the great opportunity of studying at KSI. I would like to express my greatest appreciation to all of my professors. They gave so much of their time to me so that I could learn as much as I could in these years. Their classes were well prepared in a systematic way. Therefore, students, like me without any computer science background could easily get into the area. It is also because of them that I became interested in computer science. They prepared me well with the fundamental knowledge and skills about computer hardware and software. I also wa0518nt to thank my school, Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School for giving me this chance to get into the field of computer information science. All the staff and faculty always try their best to assist me whenever I needed them to. They also worked as hard as possible to make our learning environment better everyday. I had very good experiences here and I am very proud I could get my Masters degree at KSI  

Zoritza Temelkova

   I am really happy that I have chosen to attend the SAS certification program at the KSI. The school has a unique combination of positive traits —personalized approach to the students' needs, highly qualified professor in the name of Mr. Falcon Chu, as well as very helpful tech support team. The classes are designed in a very good methodical way to provide the most recent information and hands on experience.

Thanks to KSI I learned a lot over a short period of time learning intensively how the SAS system works. KSI is very flexible and accomodating; the curriculum worked well with my personal needs and work schedule. The online format included one-to-one tutoring and was very helpful. The staff and faculty always made themselves available. In general, it was a great experience.

If I have another opportunity to invest in my future, I won't hesitate to enroll in additional programming classes at the KSI.  

Irina Tepomes

  I am pleased and proud when I look back on my KSI experience. When I first entered the graduate program I literally knew almost nothing about computers and the faculty and staff opened a world of opportunites for me and helped me throughout the years of my study. KSI understands that every dream and hope of an education must be filtered through the student.  

John Menke

  Now that I have completed my work at KSI, I must say that attending online has been a great experience for me. I found the coursework to be relevant and the instructors to be knowledgeable. Several examples stand out: First, I was able to participate in a group project with Dr. Chang that involved the deployment of bug tracking system, I enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Dr. Chang and his staff. Next, I worked with professor C.Y. in CIS509 where he encouraged my use of new Java technology -- Drools. My knowledge of Drools ended up being directly applicable to my job. Most recenly, I was able to further my knowledge of software modelling under the guidance of Dr. Chang. The research I performed for my thesis is going form the basis for the next phase in my journey towards being a better software developer.

Other courses in the curriculum have helped me in my career; one helped me finish up my Oracle DBA certification, and another taught by Professor Thulin opened up my eyes to the technology underlying regular expressions; something that helped me in my recent work with ANTLR. I fully expect to be drawing off what I have learned at KSI for some time.

KSI met or exceeded my expectations, I would recommend the school to anyone with the desire to improve.  

Daniel Yu

  KSI provided me with everything that I would expect from a small school. There is a lot of interaction between instructors and students. Most instructors are available during normal school hours. The lecture notes provided are precise and easy to understand. It really comes down to how much is your desire to learning basically. Coming to pursue a master’s degree in Computer Information System with a background in Electrical Engineering, my advisor spent extra time with me to provide me guidelines to approach to JAVA before my semester even started just to help me building a solid foundation in JAVA. For most universities/colleges, the online learning will be using video conference system or online video clips. KSI provide students with online videos and their own conference system where student and professor will be using chat rooms to discuss over the lectures and questions virtually. Because KSI is a small school, the atmosphere is like a big family here. Whether is office personnel or instructors, they are more than willing to provide you with their help all the time. Overall, I think this is a outstanding school to learn for any students who seek self-improvement in information technology.  

Sridhar Iyer

Sridhar Iyer was an exceptional student while studying at KSI. After graduating in December 2007, he went back home to India and with his new MS degree was able to get a job in the field of Equity Research and Analytics. Now he works for the IPO head of K.R. Choksey Shares and Securities Pvt. Ltd. in India’s financial capital city of Mumbai as an Equity Research Associate.

   I thank all KSI staff. I am indebted to the Executive Director, and Professor Hsieh and all the professors of KSI. The teaching was excellent. My online classes well planned and executed. I would like to thank Mr. Daniel Li (KSI’s IT Manager) for his role as well. All in all, KSI education was worth it for me. In future I would definitely come over there and share all my experiences in detail with KSI students. I feel proud to be KSI Alumni.