International MS Degree Prerequisites

International Student - Prerequisites Requirement

Applicants seeking admission at Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School (KSI) must have a completed four-year bachelor's degree, though, not necessarily in computer and information sciences.  Submission of official transcripts are required for GPA evaluation and for computer and information science background evaluation. During this evaluation process, the Admissions Council will decide if  the applicant has a sufficient computer and information sciences background to join the graduate level courses (graduate level courses are all courses which contain a course code of '500'). If the applicant's background does not meet the standard required for the graduate level courses offered at KSI, it would then be mandated that the applicant first complete prerequisites courses (prerequisite courses are all courses which contain a course code of '300'). There are a total of four prerequisite courses. After the completion of these prerequisites, the student may advance to the graduate level courses. These prerequisite courses are:

  •  CIS321 Computer Languages (JAVA)
  •  CIS331 Database Programming (SQL)
  •  CIS340 Operating Systems (OS)
  •  CIS370 Introduction to Computer Networks

Once accepted to the masters degree program at KSI, the applicant will be extended an opportunity to waive these prerequisite courses by completing KSI's Waiver Exams (eligibility to take the wavier exams will be stated in acceptance letters, without the eligibility clause, the applicant may not request to take the waiver exams).

For students looking to join the Management Information Systems [italics] degree concentration, there are a total of five prerequisites that differ from the above:

(Select 1 out of the 3 BA300 level courses)

  •  BA301 Principles of Management
  •  BA302 Accounting Principles and Computerized Applications
  •  BA305 Principles of Management
  •  CIS321 Computer Languages
  •  CIS331 Database Programming (SQL)
  •  CIS370 Introduction to Computer Networks

BA300 level courses are mandatory prerequisites wherein waiver exams are not provided - unless the applicant has a Bachelor's Degree in Management or higher from a regionally accredited institution, taking BA300 level prerequisites is mandatory.

Submission of an Official Transcript

An applicant must submit their official transcripts from a regionally accredited institution by the application deadline of the semester. Please refer to the KSI Calendar for the deadlines; the deadline must be met for the Admissions Council to consider admissions. Please note, the six regional accreditation commissions are the following: HLC-NCA, MSCHE, NEASC, NWCCU, SACS, WASC. The Admissions Council has the right to reject an applicant's courses if they do not correlate with KSI's degree courses.

KSI's Waiver Exam

Applicants must inform the Administrative Office via e-mail with their full name expressing their request in taking the waiver exams. If the applicant misses the deadline (please refer to the KSI Calendar for deadlines), they will not be eligible to take any waiver exams and would be mandated to complete the four prerequisite courses listed on their acceptance letter. The admitted student cannot request to take the waiver exams in the following or future semesters.

If the applicant passes any of the four waiver exams, they will be exempt from the corresponding prerequisite course.

Rules and Regulations of the Waiver Exam
- The waiver exam can only be taken once at the point of admission
- Waiver exams must be taken no later than one week prior to the Registration Day
- Students must be physically present to take the exams

Details of the Exams/ Exam Day Procedures

- The waiver exam time period is limited to two hours
- There are a total of four exams (one for each prerequisite) and will test proficiency in the following: 
    - JAVA (CIS321), 
    - Database Oracle (SQL) (CIS331), 
    - Operating Systems (OS) (CIS340) and,
    - Computer Networks (CIS370).
- The exams are multiple choice ranging from 20 - 40 questions
- The exam is at no cost
- The passing score is a 75%

There are no study guides available for the exams. However, students can visit KSI's catalog for the course description of the five prerequisites they will be tested on. Course syllabi can be sent via e-mail upon request.