Description of Services *  Fees
 Application Fee (Non-refundable)  $50.00 
 International students per credit hour $576.00 
 Distance Learning Lab Fee per course  $150.00
 Laboratory Fee per semester $50.00
 Materials Fee per course  $5.00 
 Library Overdue Fee (late charge) per day / per book  $0.25 
 Transcript Request  
       Allow 2-3 business days to process $5.00 
       Expedited processing: same day $10.00 
 International Student Status Conversion Service Fee* $295.00
 International Student Reinstatement Service Fee* $295.00
 Dependent I-20 for International Students $25.00
 Re-issue of I-20 for International Students $25.00
 Returned Check Fee** $35.00
 Student ID Card  $5.00
 Preparation of OPT Package (includes Shipping & Handling Fee) $55.00
 Preparation of OPT Extension Package (includes Shipping & Handling Fee)  $55.00 
 Preparation of Specialty Letters per letter Service Fee*  $35.00

*All Service Fees are non-refundable
**For all checks returned by the bank

Shipping and handling costs differ on case by case basis and will be charged separately. Handling fee is flat fee of $10 per package.

Conversions and Reinstatements include a $45 FedEx one-day shipping and $10 handling fee.