Effective Thursday, May 12, 2017, KSI will increase their fees and charges. Please see the chart below regarding the increase: 
Description of Services *  Fees
Transcript Request  
       1 day RUSH Official Transcript request $15.00 
       3 business days processing Official Transcript request $10.00 
       Scanned Transcript copy (via email) $5.00 
Special letter (per page) [attendance requests, student status verification, H1B RFE response documents, etc.] $45.00
Returned Check/Direct Debit Fee** $40.00
 OPT STEM Processing Fee (includes Shipping & Handling Fee) $65.00
 Diploma Reissue Fee (postage not included)  $60.00
 Handling fee (for expedited shipping)   $12.00

*All Service Fees are non-refundable
**For all checks returned by the bank