MS Thesis

Once a currently registered student of KSI passes his or her Comprehensive Examination and/or core course requirements, the student is ready to embark on the Master's Thesis Project, the independently conducted research project.  The applicant may only register and begin their Thesis Project with authorization from their respective academic advisor on a given semester's Registration Day.

Each MS degree program student will have an assigned Project Advisor. The Administrative office will assign a Project Advisor to the student. However, another faculty member may be selected as a co-advisor depending on the nature of the research project proposed. Once the Project Advisor is selected, the Project Advisor will provide the project guidebook and supervise the progress of the student’s research activities. The MS Project Report must be signed by the Chairman of the Thesis Committee and by the Project Advisor for final approval

Thesis Format

Theses submitted as a graduation requirement must be formatted according to KSI guidelines. To ensure that theses are formatted correctly, each thesis must undergo proofreading. Students are encouraged to look at formal theses for further clarification in particular, current KSI theses in KSI's library.

Thesis Presentation (defense)

Once the proofreading process has successfully concluded, the student's Project Advisor will set a Thesis Presentation Date wherein the student will present their thesis project to all thesis advisors and an audience of at least nine peers. This presentation will be assessed and, if necessary, the student may be require to include updates in their final thesis drafts.

Thesis Submission

Once the presentation has been conducted and all written thesis work has successfully concluded, students will be given information regarding binding. Correctly formatted final copies of theses must be submitted no later than the semester's graduation date (May 20, August 20 or December 20). Additional materials must also be prepared for submission with the final copies of the thesis/dissertation. Please reach out to the Administrative Office to confirm what documents are needed.

For more detailed information regarding the MS Thesis Project, refer to section, 'Graduation', in the KSI Student Handbook. 

To view and/or download a pdf version of the KSI Student Handbook, select Student Handbook.

To view and/or download the M.S. Comprehensive Exam Form, the M.S. Thesis Project Worksheet Form, M.S. Thesis Project Abstract Examples as well as the Graduation Registration Form, select All Forms.