KSI Graduate school is pleased to announce that we are now offering an installment plan option for all students to make the cost of his or her education more affordable. We hope to ease the burden of our students since tuition will be increased in the Fall 2015 semester. Students still have the option to pay in full on Registration Day.

Installment Plan Payment Schedule:

    The first installment is due on Registration Day, August 17th, 2015.

    The second installment is due exactly one month after on September 17th, 2015.

Tuition Structure



1 course*

2 courses

2 courses +CPT

3 courses

3 courses +CPT

4 Courses

4 Courses + CPT

Total Tuition Amount








1st installment Amount Due – 08/17








2nd installment Amount Due – 09/17








*Registration for only one course is conditional

Payment Methods

    Check/Money Order Payments

   Make Payable to “Knowledge Systems Institute”

   Payments can be mailed to:

    Knowledge Systems Institute, 3420 Main Street, Skokie, IL 60076

    Credit Card Payments

   Subject to a 3% service fee

   Complete a Credit Card Authorization Form

   Include a scanned copy of the card used (black out fist 12 digits)

   Include a scanned copy of the cardholders ID

Past Due and Canceled Accounts

It is your responsibility to make sure each payment is received on time. CPT Students: If your payment is not received on the dates mentioned above, your CPT will be canceled in the SEVIS systems. USCIS will be informed. Also, your employer will receive a formal notification from the Office regarding your CPT termination.

    If first installment payment is not received on August 17th, there will be a 10% late penalty

    If second installment payment is not received on September 17th, there will be a 10% late penalty. CPT Students: Your CPT will be canceled on September 18th   if remaining tuition amount is not received.

If a student has a bounced check, they will no longer have the option to pay via check or installment plans. They must make their tuition payment via money order or credit card. A history of returned checks may lead to a requirement that all future payments be made in cash, money order, or a credit/debit card.

Delinquent Balance

Those with delinquent accounts at the end of the Fall 2015 semester will not have access to their student accounts. They will also be put on registration holds. Furthermore, official school records (transcripts, official letters, 1098 Tax Forms) will not be released until payments have been processed.