SUBJECT: M.S. Thesis Presentation

BY: Anasuya Lonka

TIME: Wednesday, March 30th at 2 PM

PLACE: Room 212


Dr. CY Hsieh, Chief Academic Officer & Department Chair
Dr. Hector Hernandez, Acting Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. Paosheng Chang, Director of Research


Cloud computing is one of the current trends in the IT industry. "Cloud offers enormous scalability, instantaneous accessibility, and low-priced services as important advantages, but it may bring in new risks and vulnerabilities too. In spite of the fact that different Clouds and services are extending, the Cloud computing representation has not been as visualized. Some concerns have blocked enterprises from entirely joining the Cloud".
[1] This thesis conducts a deeper analysis of potentiality of multi-tenant Cloud services, outlines the research problem and methodology in Cloud services, and explores Cloud characteristics which include scalability, elasticity, flexibility, on-demand services, rapidity, duplicability, automation. This thesis study outlines the challenges in adoption of performance, complexity, compatibility and price. It also covers the three models of cloud services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and their advantages/disadvantages.

This thesis study also outlines the security issues with the Cloud data, challenges in the data migration, and threats in Cloud computing. The goal of the thesis is to draw a comparison between the major Cloud providers that are available in the current market.

The selection of the supplier will be the key element in the success of a business. This study will mainly focus on exploring Cloud models and the various aspects to consider to consider in selecting the Cloud provider. This thesis study is extended to review the real time business scenarios and possibility of taking advantages of Cloud services.